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  • Improved earnings
  • Better Productivity
  • Greater work life balance

ezispeak offers its workforce a number of benefits all culminating from a different way of working. Earn what you want - when you want. Work as little or as much as you want - you choose. Evolve your professional standards from continuous improvement. Collaborate with peers online, anytime - on any device. Guaranteed work opportunities.

Connect Anytime.


We can work anywhere. At any time. On any device.
Our people are found all over the world – from our Head Office in Melbourne to our language professionals working across Australia and New Zealand through to our partners in the UK. We are everywhere and anywhere thanks to cloud technologies. Work with an international team of likeminded people.

Type of work available


Over the Phone Interpretation - 24/7 – 180+ languages: On Demand Service

Our automatic phone interpreter platform searches for an ezispeak interpreters who is ‘available’ when:

  • A consumer (member of the public) dials ezispeak. We automatically connect with you and the relevant client to commence a 3 party conversation.
  • A client’s member of staff calls ezispeak whilst the consumer is present on the phone. We automatically connect you to the call once you have accepted the call.
  • A consumer (member of the public) dials one of our clients. Our client then calls ezispeak and is automatically connected with you to commence a 3 party conversation



Video Remote Interpretation - 24/7 – 20+ languages: On Demand Service*

Our automatic video interpreter platform ‘searches’ for an ezispeak interpreters who is ‘available’ when:

  • A client’s member of staff launches a video call whilst the consumer is present in person.
  • We will send you an automated notification via email and SMS of a video call.
  • You will need to log into your video application and accept the call.
  • NB: This is an opt-in opportunity due to stringent standards. To register your interest, please email work@ezispeak.com.au



Translation Services – Project Based

  • Our production team will allocate work opportunities to translators based on experience, skill level and negotiated commercial rates.
  • The types of opportunities may include standard translations, localization programs, quality assurance projects and voice overs.

How we stay connected

To improve networking opportunities and communication between our contractors and clients, we use a social media application called Yammer. It’s like Facebook for Business.

Access is given to you once you have joined ezispeak.

We send you an invite via email. All documents you will need to reference as well as our induction are available to view in Yammer. Yammer is a free application that can be downloaded to your smart phone or desktop.

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