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Booking SMS Alerts & Accepting Bookings

Bookings can be issued in two ways – already assigned to you from the ezispeak team, or a booking broadcast out to multiple interpreters, that you can view and accept.
  1. Where one has already been assigned to you, you’ll receive an SMS with the details. e.g.
  2. Where a booking has been broadcast out, you’ll receive a different SMS message containing a booking “Acceptance” link. e.g
  3. Clicking on this link will open a webpage on your phone showing the booking details and a button to “Accept” and assign that booking to yourself.

Accessing the ezispeak IMS

You will then need to access the ezispeak IMS Web platform to view, manage, update, and close your assigned bookings.

  1. IMS Web Access is granted via the following web link: https://ims.online/EziSpeak/IMS.nsf/xHome.xsp
  2. You will need to enter your assigned username and password to sign in.

ezispeak IMS Main Dashboard

Once logged in you will see the Dashboard. Here you’ll see your “Current” and “Incomplete” Bookings.

  1. Current Bookings are yet to occur:
  2. Incomplete Bookings are bookings that have passed and are awaiting your update and closure.

ezispeak IMS - Viewing Booking Details

When entering an assigned booking, you can view all details associated with the booking, including:

  • Booking Number –
  • Booking Status –
  • Delivery Method –

    • This includes a Zoom link, allowing you to access your booked video session directly from within the booking.
  • Date & Time –

  • Department & Organisation -
  • As well as the Name of the booking requestor so you know who to expect on call.

Logging into Zoom

  1. If you have not done so previously, you’ll need to download and install the Zoom desktop application. The application can be downloaded from the following link: https://zoom.us/download 
  2. Once downloaded, you should click on the zoom executable to start the zoom installation.
  3. Once installed you’ll see the Zoom desktop application login interface; you should “click” on the sign in button:
  4. Then sign in with your ezispeak credentials:
    NOTE: if you’re an existing ZOOM user with your own personal Zoom account, please ensure you’re not logged in to either a zoom browser, or the zoom desktop application under your personal account when clicking on ezispeak meeting links.
    Hosts are required to start Zoom meetings; in the absence of a meeting host the zoom meeting cannot proceed. If you’re assigned the host role, and you join with your personal account, Zoom can’t recognize you as the assigned Host, and all attendees will remain in a Zoom waiting room without the ability to start the meeting.
    You will predominantly be assigned as a meeting host and you must ensure prior to every meeting you’re logged into your desktop application using your ezispeak provided account and credentials.
  5. Once you’re logged in you will see this interface:

Zoom configuration and testing

  1. When clicking on the settings icon:
  2. The following settings page will be displayed:
  3. Clicking on “Video” will show you if your webcam and video stream is working, and provide a view of your video feed that will be on display to the requesting ezispeak client and NES participant.
  4. Clicking on “Audio” will allow you to test your audio setup – both speaker & Mic.
  5. All other settings, including the profile assigned to you by ezispeak should be left default and not changed in any way.

Zoom - Joining a Meeting

  1. After ensuring you are logged into the desktop zoom application correctly using your ezispeak supplied credentials, you should “click” on the Video URL link within the IMS portal against your booking:
  2. Note: If you’re using Zoom for the first time, your browser will likely prompt you to use your zoom desktop application. Please check the box “Always Allow” (Chrome) / “Remember my choice” (Firefox).
  3. Next click on “Open Zoom Meetings” (Chrome) or “Open Link” (Firefox) to launch the zoom desktop application.
  4. When the “Join Audio” popup appears, click the highlighted default choice “Join with Computer Audio”.

Zoom - Participants and Assigning a Host

  1. After “clicking” on the participant button you
  2. will see yourself and whoever else may be waiting for the meeting to commence.
  3. You should also use this time to understand if you have been assigned as a Host, and therefore whether you have initial Host responsibilities.
  4. As participants join, they will enter a “Waiting Room” pending a Host arriving and commencing the meeting.
    If your name does not have a Host designation next to it, you should wait until a host arrives to start the meeting and admit all parties.
    Where you are designated as Host, you will have responsibility for identifying the requestor or agency attendee by name, which would have been specified within their booking details e.g. “Dave Preston (MBIE)” in this example.
  5. Once the requestor or agency attendee enters the meeting “Waiting Room”, you should mouse over their name and “Admit” them into the meeting.
  6. Once admitted they will appear in the meeting list with the Interpreter.
    Your next responsibility will be to make the requestor or agency attendee the meeting Host.
  7. You can do this by mousing over the requestor or agency attendee’s name, and “clicking” on “More” and then selecting the “Make Host” option
  8. and confirming this action.
  9. After making the requestor or agency attendee the host, they will now be responsible for admitting any further participants including the NES as required.
    You can now take direction from the requestor or agency attendee and service the video sessions interpretation requirement until its conclusion.

ezispeak IMS - Completing a booking

  1. After the Booking has occurred and service completed, you should enter your “incomplete” bookings listing within the IMS system and close off your completed assignments.
  2. Once a booking needing to be closed has been identified, you should enter this booking
  3. and find the “Edit Button”.
  4. Once in “Edit” mode, you will have access to the section “Post Booking Details”
  5. Upon “checking” the “Yes” button new fields will be revealed allowing you to provide and confirm final details of your service against the booking.
    You will need to input their “Actual Finish Time”, and the “Actual Duration” will automatically calculate based upon their entry. You may also leave comments, and upload files where applicable.
  6. After all edits are complete, you will need to “Save” the changes by clicking on the save button.
  7. Upon exiting you will find that the Booking will now be removed from your listing of “Incomplete Bookings”
  8. They will now appear as “Completed” when looking at the Booking within the “Current Bookings” adjusted Calendar view.

    Timely and correct booking closures are necessary to ensure your payments against bookings are registered and payment records are complete.