Welcome Onboard

  • You have been approved to work with us. We are thrilled to have you onboard.
  • We value the importance of what interpreters do for our clients and their customers.
  • We’re committed to excellent customer service which can only be achieved with a professional, knowledgeable and dedicated workforce.
  • If you provide high quality services, you’re rewarded with prioritization in your language.
  • In addition, we recognize exceptional work with rewards given quarterly.

Our Team

  • Rebecca Haynes: CEO & Managing Director
  • Jacqui Gigliotti - Head of Customer Success
  • Paul McGee: General Manager – Sales & Marketing
  • Michael Lynch – Financial Controller
  • Chris Thomas – Operations and Support Manager
  • Michelle Gigliotti – Finance and Payroll Associate
  • Karuna de Silva – Workforce Quality & Retention Lead
  • Damir Cato – Operations & Support Supervisor
  • Tamara Geddes – Service & Support Associate
  • Boyd Power – Service & Support Associate

Ways to reach us

  • Phone us: Toll free on 0800 453 771
  • Work opportunities: Please send your expression of interests or enquiries relating your relationship to: work@ezispeak.com.au
  • All payments & financial matters are to be emailed to: mypay@ezispeak.com.au
  • Complaints, feedback & technical issues are to be emailed to: feedback@ezispeak.com.au or post on our Yammer Group for urgent matters
  • Our website: www.ezispeak.nz
  • Office Location: Level 2, 12 Risley Street, Richmond, VIC 3121
  • Registered Office: PO Box 1004, Richmond North, VIC 3121


ezispeak works with clients from a vast range of industries including but not limited to:

  • All agencies of New Zealand Government
  • Victorian Government
  • Tasmanian Government
  • Queensland Government
  • Origin Energy
  • Bupa Medical
  • Optus
  • Alfred Health
  • Telstra Health
  • Civica BPO
  • Red Energy
  • Lumo Energy
  • Civica
  • Queensland Government

You will find all the information you need for each client in terms of call types and service standards on Yammer. 

Work Types


Over the Phone Interpretation - 24/7 – 150+ languages: On Demand Service

Our automatic phone interpreter platform searches for an ezispeak interpreters who is ‘available’ when:

  • A consumer (member of the public) dials ezispeak. We automatically connect with you and the relevant client to commence a 3 party conversation.
  • A client’s member of staff calls ezispeak whilst the consumer is present on the phone. We automatically connect you to the call once you have accepted the call.
  • A consumer (member of the public) dials one of our clients. Our client then calls ezispeak and is automatically connected with you to commence a 3 party conversation



Video Remote Interpretation - 24/7 – 20+ languages: On Demand Service*

Our automatic video interpreter platform ‘searches’ for an ezispeak interpreters who is ‘available’ when:

  • A client’s member of staff launches a video call whilst the consumer is present in person.
  • We will send you an automated notification via email and SMS of a video call.
  • You will need to log into your video application and accept the call.
  • NB: This is an opt-in opportunity due to stringent standards. To register your interest, please email work@ezispeak.com.au



Translation Services – Project Based

  • Our production team will allocate work opportunities to translators based on experience, skill level and negotiated commercial rates.
  • The types of opportunities may include standard translations, localization programs, quality assurance projects and voice overs.

Work Volume

How can I receive more work?

  • Our work is allocated by an intelligent algorithm.
  • Priority is allocated based on efficiency and quality. These are reviewed constantly. We will discuss your entry priority level with you at recruitment. It will be dependent on our current capacity to meet the demand in that language.
  • Priority 1’s and 2’s have calls routed to them first.
  • To be classified as a Priority 1 or 2, we require interpreters to provide times they are available to answer calls and use the system to maintain efficient call handling.
  • As a priority interpreter in a high volume language we ask that you to keep us updated on leave or absences and have high call efficiency rates.


To improve networking opportunities and communication between our contractors and clients, we use a social media application called Yammer. It’s like Facebook for Business.

Access is given to you once you have completed this induction. We send you an invite via email. All documents discussed in this induction are available to view in Yammer. Yammer is a free application that can be downloaded to your smart phone or desktop.

You can access Yammer here

Group Networking sessions

Network meetings occur occasionally to aid with communication and relationship building. Requests to attend will be sent via email.

One on One – Meetings with us

We strongly encourage all our interpreters to maintain an open line of communication with us, this includes:

  • One on one meetings
  • Dropping into our office
  • Sending us your feedback; or
  • Contacting the team directly on Yammer via instant messaging or sending us a private email.

Yammer Ettiquette

We implore you to participate in meaningful dialogue with other members of the organisation as we encourage respectful, open, positive dialogue between ezispeak and its interpreter workforce.

We may:

  • Delete content we deem is inappropriate.
  • Delete inflammatory and/or unprofessional remarks which are deemed abusive, discriminatory and intimidating.
  • Delete comments which display a negative sentiment towards ezispeak, its staff, interpreters or customers
  • Delete comments which damage the reputation and goodwill of ezispeak or colleague interpreters -
  • Delete comments which are not fit for public distribution/circulation.
  • Delete groups which have not been approved by ezispeak Yammer Administrators.

We will:

  • Suspend your agreement if we identify your usage of Yammer breaches the non-disclosure provisions contained within your contractual agreement with ezispeak.
  • A breach would include the illegal distribution and/or public display of information contained/communicated within this site, to a direct or indirect competitor of ezispeak, non-registered ezispeak interpreter or unrelated entity.
  • Such a breach may result in further action being taken.

Should you have any concern and wish to raise them, please do so by contacting the ezispeak CEO (ceo@ezispeak.com.au)

Payment Information

ezispeak's payment cycle occurs one month in arrears. Payments are typically paid by the second Friday of the month. 

For telephone and video interpreting, payment amounts due are automatically calculated using a payment engine which considers:

  • Time of day
  • Type of Service Provided (Phone or Video)
  • Call Type (Successful or Abandoned) 
  • Length of call
  • NAATI (if VicGov)

For translations, the amounts payable are by negotiation.

Please refer to each service information page for specific information:


Please submit your feedback or complaint here.

A member of the team will respond within 24 hours. 

If you have an urgent technical issue, please call 1800 796 518 ASAP.

Incident Escalation

Operations and Technical Issues

Workforce Issues

Payment Matters

Service and Support Issues

  • 0800 453 771  – Press 3
  • Escalation: Damir Cato, Operations & Support Supervisor
  • damir.cato@ezispeak.com.au
  • P: +61 3 9115 3004

Management Escalation

  • Rebecca Haynes:     +61 3 407 838 824 (CEO)
  • ceo@ezispeak.com.au