Phone Service Standards

  • We pride ourselves in offering quality service to both our customers and our interpreters.
  • To ensure we achieve this and continual drive forward quality, we audit 10% of work.
  • The audit ascertains if our 10 standards were adhered during the interaction.
  • If there's any failure to meet the required level of standards, our team will talk to you about the improvements that are needed.
  • Results of our audits are disseminated to our customers monthly and we will feed back anonymous results to all our priority interpreters in order that we as an organisation and you as an interpreter can learn and strive to continually improve.
  • Priority 1 and 2 interpreters are allocated based on results of efficiency and quality.
  • More details on our Quality Assurance Process can be found on the Yammer Social Media application once you have access.

Using the login system

How do I use the ezispeak system?

  • Once you are provided with your unique interpreter 4- digit ID, you will be able to access our telephone system. You should have already received this as part of the registration process - if not email
  • The login/log out number is 0800 453 771. This is the number you need to set your preferred number in the ezispeak system and establish your self as an active interpreter. 
  • You are expected to manage your availability by logging in and out of the system when you are available. Staying logged in if you are not answering calls will reduce your call volume as we automate priority to improve customer service.

Accepting a phone call

  • You will receive an incoming call from +61 3 9046 4189
  • You will hear an automated message which advises you which ezispeak client is calling, the language and the nature of call
  • To accept the call, press 0. You will be connected immediately. 
  • Upon connection to the other party, please introduce yourself in language and English. 

First Time Log In

To log in and out of the system simply:

  1. Dial into Interpreter Admin System - call 0800 453 771
  2. Enter your 4 digit ID and then verify it.
  3. It will ask you to enter 1, 2, or 3 from the following menu:
  4. Press 1 to LOG ON
  5. Press 2 to LOG OFF
  6. Press 3 to set or change your working phone number

Quick Login/Log out

You can continue to use these same numbers to log in and out of the system as required, following the same process. Alternatively we have these quick access ways:

Phone number to only make yourself available in the system: +61 3 9115-3050

  • When you ring the number above the system will prompt for your interpreter id, once entered you will be made available.
  • This can also be made even quicker by setting up as a phone contact using +61 3 9115-3050, followed by the comma/ pause button found in your phone key pad entry, (when you select symbols on your phone key pad you will see the pause) followed by your 4 digit interpreter ID. The system automatically reads your interpreter ID from the contact due to the use of the comma/pause.
  • E.g. Contact Name: Ezispeak fast log in: +61 3 9115-3050, XXXX (XXXX being your interpreter ID)

Phone number to only make yourself unavailable in the system: +61 3 9115-3051

  • Exactly the same instructions as above but using this number logs you out of the system.
  • You would set up another contact name: Ezispeak Fast Log out: +61 3 9115-3051, XXXX

Payment Framework

High level view of ezispeak “Telephone Interpreting Services”

You will have an opportunity to provide phone interpreting services between non-English-speakers (consumer) and English-speakers (professional user) using your mobile and/or land line phone. Based on your availability, you will receive a call alert of an incoming interpreting request. You can opt to accept or reject the call.

This flexible approach means you can determine when you want to work and how you want to work. This approach also determinates the level of income you can generate. 

Please refer to your contract for rates of pay and scope of hours.

How to get paid

Amounts due and payable for telephone interpreting services provided are calculated automatically. ezispeak will pay using automated timings logged within its technology platform. You should keep a separate account of services provided and timings associated for financial reconciliation purposes. If you can demonstrate that automatic timings are incorrect, ezispeak will adjust income accordingly.