Work Types

The types of translation work available include:

  • Translation – source language into target language (Inc. self-checking post DTP)
  • Back Translation – target language into source language (Inc. self-checking post DTP)
  • Quality Assurance
    • Independent checking of written translations 
    • Independent Web Localisation Content
    • Independent checking of audio translation/voice over
  • Transcription (Audio to text)
  • Voice Overs – Phone IVRs
  • Voice Overs – In Studio

Service Standards

  • We pride ourselves in offering quality service to both our customers and our interpreters.
  • To achieve this and continually drive forward quality, we randomly audit 20% of work.
  • If there's any failure to meet the required level of standards, our team will talk to you about the improvements that are needed.

Receiving work from us

One of the team will reach out with the project scope in terms of deliverables and due dates for each opportunity. 

You have the ability to negotiate your own rates based on the scope and/or complexity of the project as well as due dates. 


Payment Framework

High level view of ezispeak Translation Services

You will have the opportunity to provide written and verbal content translation services to ezispeak on behalf of its customers. To deliver translation and related services, you do not have to manage your availability as customer orders for these services are on as needs basis.

  • Translations
  • Back Translations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Transcription Services
  • Voice Overs – Phone IVR
  • Voice Overs – In Studio

How to get paid

Send us an invoice with your finished work. Invoices to be sent to Damir Cato - 

Our standard payment terms are 30 days from end of month.