Video Service Standards

Prior to commencing with video interpreting, eligible interpreters are subject to pre-screening ensuring several internal gateways are passed - quality, technical, reliability.
  • Eligible interpreters must comply with video consultation standards as defined by industry best practice.
  • Eligible interpreters must consent to quality assurance initiatives ezispeak undertakes part of its quality management system.
  • Eligible interpreters must ensure their delivery of interpreting is provided in a confidential, noise free and appropriate environment protecting the integrity of the video consultation. 
  • No video interpretation sessions are to be undertaken outside a home office or professional office environment.
  • Under no circumstances can video interpreting be delivered via a smartphone.
  • Recommended setting is:
    • A professional home based office
    • Free of noise and visual distractions
    • Interpreter to be using noise cancelling head phones to maximise audio quality
    • Interpreter to be well presented and wearing their NAATI or ezispeak ID
  • To check your bandwidth:

Technical Requirements

  • Create a Web Page Book Mark:

    ezispeak VRI Portal Login

  • A basic wired internet connection or high speed wireless connection

  • Your web browser needs to be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

  • Your PC operating system should be wither Windows 8.1 or above, or equivalent in iOS.

  • A high definition webcam

  • Desktop PCs are the most ideal and appropriate

  • iPads or Smartphones are not appropriate

NB: Before commencing video interpreting please ensure your webcam and audio is functioning on your device.  Also, ensure any other video applications, for example SKYPE, face-time are not open. This can interfere with the video platform.

Using the VRI Portal

The Login Page to ezispeak VRI

User ID:             Your email address.

Password:          Your 4-digit ezispeak Interpreter ID

Our preference is you log in at the start of the day and remain logged in for the period that you are available. Please inform or your Yammer Group the days your unavailable to work.

You will be notified instantly via SMS and email of incoming video calls. You need to login into the VRI portal to accept the job and join the call. 

Accepting a video call

Video Events Dashboard for ezispeak Video Interpreters:

The first page you will see when you log in is the events page. This in majority of instances will be empty as jobs are removed from the events list as soon as they commence.

The diagram below shows the events page - jobs that need an interpreter or that were not serviced. You will only see requests for video calls in languages pertinent to you.

To connect to conference, click on the join button to the right-hand side of the event.

Make sure the date and time for the job is now.

Notifying interpreters of Video Interpreter Call:

You will be notified via SMS. When you receive the SMS you need to go to your web browser page and hit the refresh events button. (Logging in at the start of the day reduces the delay in joining the video call)

When you select join you will be transferred to the video event room and you will see the words waiting for remote host connection on the right hand video image. You will see yourself on the left hand side. Once the video conference is connected you will see the doctor and patient on the right hand video screen.

video_Asian_female_headset_newEnsure you look at the web cam so you are in the centre of the picture. 

The consult will occur as with any other interpreting job.

The doctor will inform you the consult is ending and end the video-conference at the customer end.

Any disconnection prior could be due to network issues or user error. Any resizing of the video image could be due to your network or the customer network. Please inform us immediately by emailing if you experience any network issues or resizing of images.

To End a Video Interpreting Call:

Next to the ezispeak logo is an Events button, hover and click over this to end the call. This is really important. If you do not end the call via Events, you stay locked in to this video event and will struggle to access other events.

When you end the call you will be taken back to the Events for Interpretation screen.

The Refresh Events button can be clicked at any time to refresh the events for interpreting page.

New video calls will appear on this events page and you will be notified via SMS as to the need.

Call handling for VRI

  • The camera should be positioned directly in front of the interpreter at eye level.
  • The home office must be free from visual distractions.
  • The background behind you should be a flat, neutral colour that contracts with your clothes making you easy to visually see.
  • The room must be a dedicated and sufficiently soundproofed space.
  • It should be free from distracting noises from outside, and care should be taken to reduce any potential echoes and reverberation that may arise from within the room.
  • The room should only be used for the purpose of video and/or phone interpreting. 
  • The room must be well lit throughout with even light coverage. Lighting should be adjustable, diffuse light which shines in all directions and positioned on the face and body of the interpreter.
  • There must be no shadows on the background behind the interpreter.
  • Video interpreters must wear a headset and microphone.

Payment Framework

High level view of ezispeak “Video Interpreting Services”

You will have the opportunity to provide interpreting services between non-English-speakers (consumer end user) and English-speakers (professional users) using ezispeak’s web-based video conferencing platform. Based on your availability, you will be notified via SMS and/or email of an incoming video interpreting request. You can then opt to accept the call by logging in to the video app to accept the call. To manage your availability, ezispeak employs a range of technologies which will allow you to self-manage how often you want to work. This flexible approach permits interpreters to work when they want and how they want. This also determinates the level of income which can be generated.

The video interpreting service provided by ezispeak runs 24/7, 365 days per year. The scope and applicable payment schedule for each call type (outcome) is defined below.

A successful call relates to interactions where you have connected to the intended end user (i.e. customer service agent, a physician, a consultant) who pays for the service and complete service provision. You will be paid according to the scope of the call interval or any part thereof for a successfully completed call. i.e. A scenario if you are a Professional Interpreter taking a call during Business Hours - if a call goes for 16 minutes, you will be paid $31.51. If a call goes for 42 minutes, you will be paid $49.77. If a call goes for 65 minutes, you will be paid $55.77. These are set rates based on call duration bands. 

Please refer to your contract for rates of pay and scope of hours.

How to get paid

Amounts due and payable for video interpreting services provided are calculated automatically. ezispeak will pay using automated timings logged within its technology platform. You should keep a separate account of services provided and timings associated for financial reconciliation purposes. If you can demonstrate that automatic timings are incorrect, ezispeak will adjust income accordingly.

Common Issues

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