Language Certification

ezispeak preferences Australian based NAATI Certified interpreters for all work opportunities. 

Australian/NZ Based Interpreters

If an Australian or New Zealand based interpreter, you need to hold the highest level of language accreditation and/or certification available in NAATI tested languages.

Copies of documentation supporting your language accreditation/certification (certificate or letter of accreditation) is required. Alternatively, please provide your NAATI number for validation. 

Outside Australia or New Zealand

In order to qualify for registration, you need to demonstrate that you possess appropriate interpreting certifications from your region. For example, if you’re based in the US, you would need to provide validation of your interpreting credentials from a certified language testing accreditation body or government statutory body. 

You will need to have a minimum of 3+ years of professional interpreting experience.

You must consent to be engaged as a contract interpreter by agreement, which includes applicable jurisdictional laws based on your residency and compliance with our Code of Ethics and Policies. 

Financial Matters

Nature of Relationship

ezispeak engages interpreters and translators as independent contractors unless negotiated differently.

Australian Business Number

You will need to provide your current taxation status for the purposes of payment of services.

  • All contractors are to provide valid ABNs unless exempt (evidence of exemption is required)
  • All contractors registered for GST to provide valid ABN
  • If a valid ABN is not provided within 30 days, the ATO requires 49.5% of tax to be withheld.


All independent contractors should maintain their own business insurances if they work for more than one principal (i.e. Language Service Provider). If you would like to opt into ezispeak's group insurance policy, please email

Security Clearances

You need to provide a current National Police Check and a Working with Children Check. Documentation you have previously supplied to other language service providers is acceptable - as long as the clearances are less than 12 months old. 


To work with us, you will need to sign a Deed of Confidentiality which forms part of your working agreement with us. On occasion, certain clients may require our contractors to sign specific agreements to undertake work - this will be coordinated on a case by case basis. 

Quality Audits

You need to consent to independent quality control measures undertaken by ezispeak™


You need to demonstrate you have relevant experience working as an interpreter. To provide you with more specific opportunities, please nominate your specific sectors of choice to work in.

Proof of Identity

A copy of your photo identification – for example, a drivers licence or a passport is required to authenticate your identity.

Professional CV

To strengthen your application, we encourage you to provide a CV which includes copies of documentation supporting any professional/tertiary qualifications you may have or professional development you have undertaken. 

Apply Now

To join our team, please download the application form and return to or PO Box 1004, Richmond North VIC 3121 along with: 

  • Copies of your language certification
  • Copies of your security clearances
  • Copies of your photo ID
  • Your CV